The Movie

Stop Bullying, Violence and Suicide Across Our Schools

All we want is the chance to be seen, loved and accepted. We are all humans doing the best we can to make it through life’s journey.  The intention we've set is to deliver an educational message that transforms hearts and influences unity. Let’s stop the Bullying, Violence and Suicide Across Our Schools in North America. 

This interfaith movie is based off of real stories that are interwoven together. It brings awareness to the pain some of our children are enduring.  Where are we sending our children 5 days a week? Are they attending a safe and inclusive community? It's time to re-shape and transform what's happening in our schools today. These cries are deep, raw and real. We expose the true souls of these characters in order to reveal & announce the hidden verities.  It is time to stand together in unity, embracing our differences with acceptance and love. 

The Storyline

The storyline highlights a heterosexual Muslim teen and a homosexual Christian who face similar pains. Miriam, 18, must fight for respect and the right to live as an American in mostly white Hermosa Beach, California. Miriam wears her hijab to school which ignites several traumatic episodes. As a result, she explores a name change among a few other potential resolutions. Zack Walker, the star of the baseball team, gives Miriam a run for her money in the class debate, which sparks a romantic attraction between the two. This situation has it’s own set of obstacles. Zack is a Christian and his father more than disapproves of his son’s love interest.

About the Director

Bully High is directed by Bill McAdams Jr., who is a multi-award winner for his films. His latest releases are, a faith based film and a, a Jose Canseco documentary.

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